You can now see the history of the market on this page. Enjoy some historical pictures and fun facts about the history of the Niagara Falls City Market!

The Niagara Falls City Market has been in operation for more than 125 years.

The Niagara Falls City Market dates back to as early as July 5, 1893.  The market was originally located on Linwood Avenue and Main Street.  The first market was opened a month later on August 11, 1893.  The market was open six days a week, between the hours of 6 and 11 A.M.  In 1905 the market was temporarily relocated to Willow Avenue.  It wasn’t until five years later in 1910 that the market started searching for a permanent location, one year after they began searching, a proposal was made on August 14, 1911, for the site located on Pine Avenue, where the market still stands today.  The new site was officially purchased on August 26, 1912.  After under a year of work, the market opened on Monday morning, May 26, 1913.  During World War I and the years following, Niagara Falls began to grow quickly, along with it, so did the market.  From 1929-1935 the market took steps to improve, adding more stalls to sell produce, adding a parking lot, and also adding improved lighting.

In October of 2018, the Niagara Falls Local Food Action plan was published to provide a framework of common goals and actions that serve to support a healthy, strong, and resilient local food system. The NFLFAP was adopted as the official food plan of the City of Niagara Falls in December 2018. One of the early priorities that has come out of the plan relates to improving market operations at the Niagara Falls City Market. As such, a task force of stakeholders was formed to explore this action item. The initial focus areas of the task force include:

  1. The inclusion of federal and state funded nutrition incentive programs such as SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks.
  2. An increase in promotion efforts for the farmers market.
  3. Increasing the number of vendors present at the market.
  4. Begin including value-added events at the farmers market.